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Refreshment is here, so come and relax in His presence for a while…

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drink in and experience the fullness of His shalom.


This site is digging deeper into some forgotten treasures and mysteries which reveal hidden truths from scripture, simply lost in translation.



Where the subjects and posts on the original site


 are looked at in more depth for those with extra time to read.


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More Mini Manna Moments is an aid to help you break the word into small pieces, study, discuss and meditate on it.  To enable us, as covenant believers, to swallow and digest the word of God, translating it into changes in behavior and applying it to the way we live our lives; with Him at the center of all conscious activity.


As days grown darker spiritually from the worlds’ influence, we must shine all the brighter as a beacon of hope to those without any hope. We must boldly reflect the light of eternity that is our salvation and allow His life to shine through us, always reaching for the lost, to show them the path, the way, the truth and the life.

Jeremiah 15:16

1 John 1:5–7




The intent of MoreMiniMannaMoments is to simply present some treasures that have been interesting to us and aided our progress along ‘the way’. Hopefully the posts will offer some light in the form of expounding on scriptures that sometimes seem obscure and confusing or simply don’t seem to make a lot of sense to us today in our 21st century way of life.


It is appreciated that this is not for everyone and is not intended for argument or to incite controversy. It is meant for those who have had similar questions, hopefully it offers some inspiration, thoughts and possible answers. Some of them may help to make sense of those, hard to comprehend sayings, as we view them from a foundational Hebraic perspective.

There are many voices out there but only those rooted and anchored firmly in the truth of God’s Word will benefit the listeners.


An Israelite/Hebraic/Jewish mindset, is based solely on the Scriptures, primarily from the Torah, the Writings and the Prophets. For believers, that means it is also from the New Testament or Re-New-ed Covenant, with which we are more familiar.


As we study we will realize more and more just how much we have missed out on because it has been lost in translation.


Titles and names can be confusing and sound unfamiliar, however, as a Messianic Believer, it simply means; one who believes in the Hebrew Scriptures, the Torah and Tenach (Bible) and also one who believes that Yeshua is HaMassiach, (Jesus is the Messiah).


Designed for those ready for more, deeper dips for those still hungry and with more time to read and whose hunger for Gods Word, is not so easily satisfied.


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